Wednesday, 11. July 2012
The Bones - Promo 2012
The Bones - Promo 2012

Beef // The Bones - Promo 2012

Andi // The Bones - Promo 2012

Boner // The Bones - Promo 2012

Spooky // The Bones - Promo 2012

The Bones (Sweden) - Photography by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau for People Like You Records

THE BONES are back in the ring with another swing!

Is it really already five years ago since Sweden’s finest Punk’n’Roll outfit took over our stereos with „Burnout Boulevard“? Apparently it is, but the good news is: the wait is over. On „Monkeys With Guns“, the fifth studio album in their enduring career, THE BONES are back blazing with 15 (17 on the Limited Edition and LP) blistering, hard hitting new tracks of perfect Punk’n’Roll marriage material made in hell.

In our case, hell is a lovely little harbour-town called Karlskrona in the Southwest of Sweden. That’s where it all started out for THE BONES back in 1993. Back then singer/guitarist Beef Bonanza, along with his brother Spooky Fred and bassist Dollar Ace, were working on their first demos, which already included soon-to-be-classics like ‘I Met Elvis At The Nudybar’ and ‘Monsters Prefer Blondes’. When singer/guitar-slinger Marcus „Boner“ Petersson entered the picture in 1996 things began to speed up. Sharing a mutual love for high energetic punk and rock music in the vein of The Ramones and Motörhead and 50s and 60s rock’n’roll, THE BONES were always influenced by the melodic qualities of bands such as The Bay City Rollers and The Barracudas as well. After self-releasing „The Horrorway EP“ in 1997 german punk rock label I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records caught an eye on the ear-catching qualities of THE BONES. Following two more EPs, „Rock n' Roll Race“ and „Six Feet Down, Two Fingers Up“ the swedes finally released their adeptly titled debut album „Screwed, Blued & Tattooed“ in 2000 to critical acclaim.

The sonic equivalent of Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Ramones and Social Distortion jammed in the backseat of a cadillac watching „Grease“ at a seedy Drive In, took Punks, Rockers and even Metalheads by storm. The next album „Bigger Than Jesus“ followed the success of its predecessor and THE BONES reputation as a a killer live act began to grow instantly. Sharing the stage with bands and friends like Motörhead, Cockney Rejects or Die Toten Hosen, THE BONES had made it from the local swedish youth clubs to the top of europe’s club- and festvial circuit, building up a strong following of like-minded rock’n’roll party animals. By 2004 Dollar Ace had left the band and long-time friend Andi Nero premiered his bass-playing skills for the first time on the follow-up album „Straight Flush Ghetto“. 2007 saw the release of „Burnout Boulevard“, yet another album that showed no sign of THE BONES having lost just an ounce of their gritty integrity and energy. After more than seven years of travelling, playing and recording THE BONES decided to take things a bit slower. With their first live-DVD „Berlin Burnout“, recorded at Berlin’s famous punk venue SO36 in 2008, the band still managed to throw their fans the figurative bone, before returning to the studio.

It’s 2012 and the wait is over. „Monkeys With Guns“ marks THE BONES’ return to form in a new decade. Having teamed up with producer Magnus „Mankan“ Sedenberg, the guy that can be held sonically responsible for his great work on the first three Bones’ albums, the band is now ready to rock and roll again.